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The name of case

Wrong girlfriend

Worst to miss a somebody in affection of drugs, this scare feel own myself from birth moment - awaking as is some strange things we have. In one moment you're in good wide illusions, then you see dead reality which searching aspects in you to kill you.

When I being in the computer club I was searching some newest in my life, hopes till touching me in that case. I search out a meeting site, and then, a wonder girl. I just touch aspect how I can alive in a good country on my meaning at this moment - I till try to awaiting to receive message, and how I can be impress that the girl answers me.

Girl touches me in journey of the evil in a front of boat. At least two messages and she's told that she may arrive bit later in my country. In a bad meaning I want to say that the story's tells to us that this club mostly known as drug shelter. I miss to escape from my past address and then after couple bad days, weeks, month's, I got a message from she. matter message.

She stays forward me at my home, she some trying said, but I did not recognize, only in maintain, she's got enter into my room. After that we got talk with hands cooperation and I said to my mother that I must leave she with the girl, I don't get the positive answer. Answer as I may remember do not touch aspects of my meaning to leave. Bad. I think the girl just a get out at this moment and back into hotel was based on Ligovsky pr. of town Saint-Petersburg.

I meet later she in my own imagination many times and I bite myself for losing. Felt love when I imagine and that's for me as maintain thing to live days by days..


take care your own life, obtain the movement into your soul. cause that one is bigger reason to watching life in the flames at aged down mode. power are the eyes and cylinders of are your stereotypes - doing this like a this second and do not stop, better, forward. you are power now, watching your fuel, do not matter what a cause you're startup on - you are doing any good and better step by step / remember your friends list, they are not your foes, give them, wait year, take back. seat. watch the sun, take a cup of some, smoke some. doesn't matter what they are saying, you're still alive - your feel of the best days. switch down the power - do not respond? - fuel doesn't matter. you are taking care of own life /

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