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The name of case

Worth situation

The shuttle out the galaxy leaving a post of neutrons which gain shuttle in space, the one's of passenger's felt mental issues of his logic. - Since being of space traveling, like a drugs this anti-energy uses you for bad reason of lucid pictures was seeding by your mind to others space. Seeding of one "huimo" get a reply of, which contains deepest aspects of life in deepest another galaxy which named a milky-way on the earth.

The boy

He watching the porn on the one of site when he seeing one girl, on the clip, get a thought that how aliens looks. One moment later he thinking that he lose his mind, watching on the picture he get felt that he know the answer, looking so deep on picture he imagine that all aspects of life of others galaxy's. Odor of entire of galaxy, planets, colors, aspects of any steps of existence covering into roots of genome. He thinking that he slept after twenty seconds of imagine, but the smell in room takes he back in a imagine process.

Huimo takes sitting back and he felt this strange feel again, somebody told him that he must knew this person..

I knew that I may have a shelter, plan b to leave place where I was birth. But real name of that tells as is - hell. I being birth in a hell, after that I walked in hell again. Where the exit? - Can you? - "Yes" / Somebody answers me that exit is possible covers behind the door, and had awaiting me.

I staying at the door and seeing the man was on one hour forward me. He some said, but I so scared and prepared to leave. Scare felts obtain my physics and breathing. Cause somebody told me that I must known this person ..

They kill me too?