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Other's mind

I felt I die

At one moment of myself began is a death, fears. I trying to ran from death, but death caught me and useful gas against me. Gun, knifes and myself logic against me. Did I can knew about what happen next to me - worst, I was do not thinking about it all. Life goes step by step, flow up, down and at those moment I was awake from deep creeping. Morning. Every night I use drugs to sleep, but nobody mind that I must use them. My sleepless are that I do not use, my deep night at imagination how I use them.

Cap of coffee and flow the thoughts. Down floor cover all hate to myself cause I want let a meet this girl in she's apartment, but girl cover deeply reason to hate me in a real. Days ago I do not recognize all this reason is that I'm a just drug user whose do not mind civil rights, civil life at is all. I knew she as a biggest loser if she do not imagine me at her dreams. - Is that I was thinking. I burn a hash on a cigarette and let flow vibe of all this reasons whose around me, touching me, biting me.

Next day "K" biting two baps of hash and enter the hall, in a hall he seeing a girl whose he want to meet. She staying forward him and told him that she want to meet him. After very logical cooperation of words he's catch a thought that he's a bigger winner cause she want to let him enter to she's life. Is that he's was thinking.

Awakes morning, "K" felt that he is happy on stepping into this situation. In a middle evening some call ring at the phone line. The caller told that he must use drugs to became with a normal mental felts. At one moment he's rejected the call, burn hash. leaving he's room, goes to the down floor. He was thinking about a call, and where the truth covers.

Door open girl, "Come in" - She said. "I wonder that is all real" - "K" answered. Two hours of jokes, very impressive thoughts awaiting them this evening. His happy.. He said she that he's had mental issues and must uses drugs to became normal. "Do not worry, I use them too" - She answered to him. I wonder that you are beloved them too. Crying moment, need to said bye. He's want to lead to dream this night and he staying at the door said - "You're beauty as I see". May we had relationships? - Thought cover he's mind. His left behind the door.

At morning girl watching news and she's recognize that she is neighborhood of a one suicide men, tv said that he's useful drugs too much. Overdose. They said that he's died into illusion that he's windows is a door..

The caller