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The name of case

The balls of oceans

Four times, four system's are began to seed the life between themselves and involving new genome into, when the stars are seeding light's.

Under them all goes to born new types of life and other fauna. When the system stuck all lifes going down, into rebirth process. That will happening this time where I do not staying intouch with myself began. The thought's flow obtain holes of minds cappilar's and involving me as new birth to earlier's processes of life's.

The 25 - the range shown that examples of balls of mattery are dissolve the psychoatric issues between the connected peoples. ( They are just themselves between their type's of logic ) The experiment of biology are not shown any good reason to say that dead can stay alive. Leaving more than ten peoples over years are all is a meal for them. The substance of blood are the first type to open the gate of the death world, cannibalism are shown their type much power than before

( into minds of 'free' peoples )

Are simple as is it - they performing the blood of killed peoples and get intouch with their feels - amorality. Why they are is that is are is a no longer as answer to solve the immune issues, cause the sympthomatic shown that their bodies must kill free souls every ten ( may be ) years to not leave their lucid aspects of their feels.

Leaving their body's I can be sure that they get on to get second, is are no reason - just a catch a feels whom they are provided by.

Hoping less no much as is weather can still shown some good past twenty years , no stars on sky, no good peoples. - Are is all negative, anti-matter . All of those "humans (pseudo)" trying to kill any feel in myself began and peoples over them, from start to past moment. ( to the next? )

Biological weapon given to earth for miss painfull thought's to perform nova era type where all can discover new ways to travel galaxy's now uses to kill any humanity in minds of "free" peoples. No excuses for them. Or ? ( or you eat beef too ? ha, truly? )

just fuck them / and them fuck too

fuck or not - the question of century