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The name of case

Are the target are end or start

( As prequel ) The relationships , is that freedom or just an feels , or something covered into our souls ? Behind the door we may find some what can be as target for true view of "freedom" , as I may said .

The system - the time

The USA , RUSSIA , EUROPE - THE SYSTEM . Began earlier create and recognize their thought's , getting the kind of their's mind , stabilizing are get the time for useful their things to open the gate of feels aspects , they getting deep into roots of their minds ; When we do , when we create , thinking , this give us same as relaxation pattern to our souls , which help us to being stable . They do ? . We do ? - May be .

The another side of door cover some what not appear as clear souls , I may name this as blood which obtained by virus , the side . When the system steps from corner to walk out and close door , are system seen what covered onto door ? The things - the life . The rule ? - The time . Before someones goes out , their things into their pockets memorized the same named as aura , and when they goes out they lost the the aura . Stepping onto ground , connecting to , the system recognized that someone had some into pockets ( into minds in a good aspect ) .

The someones are everyones

True feels obtained one boy which goes out from his corner , he's stepped onto ground and when this happened , the ground told him who are him . The mind whom goes maximilize the feels , the system what recognized the soul . Two rules between the air . The air which been clear , the wind and the sun . the two sides includes into themselves .

The thought's of a young boy

The ocean burned soul , deep on depth , where fish eat slice by slice the dead body . Are isn't praying for swim upside , there's no talk over truth - who kill , where the life , where the high understanding of existence . The body is dead . Nothing much . Here's no question about how to staying alive with thought's of murder cases and freedom between soul and earth where this all happen , the system - what a type of uses to ? - The type uses to create and perform , then kill ( or not ? ) . Rebirth process , life , and then death caught you again . Rebirth - death . The cycle of any system which had exist in any world and sub world ( like socium , ants , whatever ) alike a bit which contain two differences of digits where them in combination had trillions variations of existence you never find yourself in a retrospective

They had type of reason to stay with , because these bits are creating the energy of machine hardware , but nothing told about software where nothing happen to create and perform real thought's like as humans or animals - whatever . The logic clone , the body type clone , the clone of behavior . - Reason is that or not to staying alive for them ? - For these two bits are is . Cause they are understanding in their world what is it step out to free space . There is involving .

The think goes wrong when you'll think that this are only behavior of them , the targeting them is mistake , is a virus over the world . The world where virus obrain logic of targeting peoples by digits . Where the digits are money , phone numbers and just an room numbers .

When the men looked up , he steps out from digit world . When he seeing stars by eyes this open some lucid feel that believed by hope of new born in himself .

Are strange

The behavior type of them hates weather , the sun . The burned into hell , warming feels - they can't understood true logic of real world . The hating of themselves trying get the profit of clean souls . We lost weather again - nothing good to stand up it again . Cold , tremor . The digits are not mind it . Days and years . Except delimeter per one week of them are the pain .

The our days

After it all began the freedom , as I named with fictive thought's that life can being normal with attention of standards were we had . But no ( the digits here ) , is that all as fictive goes into deep relaxation where we slept , touching our minds only for reason to stay alive our organic body .

The one of

Are we recognize that that attractive cases of everyday doing can help us understand the situation of our self began where out childhood receive the patterns of our days from peoples which are surrounded us . - How to think to answer on a question which stabbed my mind on this time where I begin finding compromise on retrospective of my childhood . The memory is a answer , the cases no matter on day them happen , is that retrospective on my mean is a target , saying as introvert . My childhood receives the patterns from my day where I was thinking about , and in the end of , I felt the collaboration of myself and myself began .

The digit are bit of me and the bit of me are digit into big world with trillions variations where I'm as digit .

the digits - are what the coin