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The name of case

There is love or time to prepare battle ?

The sea child . Stepped out from lucid dreams , grow from deep depth child remembering how he's seen the youngest girl one time when he step out on land first time . The bright of eyes told him that is right way to help she's family to grow planet up , to seed he's thoughts to them and appear the roots rules to understanding the position of gods as them named - the ways and roads , the flight and landing . The fire and the water . - Two different types of humans existence meeting between themselves in land which needed in them both .

Shifting to growth themselves , appear reality rules and then discard , they're trying to find each ones in reality which get an answer to discarding them too . The possibility to talk over sun glore , the love felt can not gain more than they are had at time in the universe .

The foe

Targeting the core of planet which one had inhabit by humans and other fauna , one get views that different types performing the nova age of existence by creating love between inhabits of planet. How are it's may missed by - talk once strange voice before core stopped and any dimensions of planet open doors to this stranger .

Stepped onto ground he's recognize that feel can obtain his logic with much more aspects than he felt on invided planets , that's caused him thought to inhabit planet by own ones citizens . Next seven days freezed reality of humans being in chaos , with changing the elements of freezed objects - there were couple roots objects which have into their genome traces of being fallback the chaotic changed objects , he had inject the new rules of existence to all dimensions including humans physic reality .

The understanding

The rules told seed his violence between each ones which were seen by him . Startip the searching young boy with attention to save his half of life create safe dimension where he had sleep equalent two days on physic reality metric . Next morning he left the dimension and goes straight to one of objects of saving genome - the object were cap of coffee trashed into garbage in north of town . The rule told that this cap of coffee needed to be warm and after that need to drink it by someone . That strange , - he thought , if any person are seeding destruction how it can be possible , - he asking himself . And after couple minutes he drink of cap by himself . After that reality standing changes how his seen - earth core stopped again and chaotic objects get fly , - he thought is no any changes created by , but after some seconds objects doing standing on each true places and peoples genome was clearing , this seen as slow motion of smiling and true feels were shown on the maintain social spheres alike schools , marketplaces and others .

The black side

I'm do this ! - he said . - On other side of dimensions mirror , the stranger receive the signals of planet system time . - When he seeing it all what doing the young boy , true felt again obtain the stranger . But he can't recognize where were the roots of all of this . Next minute he sending the signal to himself in a fallback time where he told to himself that aid need to be added to cap of coffee . After it all , searching the true way to left , the stranger or whatever named as invader thinking that his obtain all what he seen left the planet with no apologizing .

Couple minutes later , when the young boy accepting in his mind that all goes fine felt the physic pain , the thought's can't being stable and sitting in the park he just dying on thought that some goes wrong . Dead body found walkers in the park and he been mourning this night .

The white side

After mental connection being lost , the girl felt at this all that she may loves him too much and goes to mourning process too . The love being lost , the thought's being crashed . Aid doing it for couple minutes .

The both sides

Humanity felt that their roots goes down , after couple days of mourning the girl and boy minds of them being warm how it can be possible and their prepare themselves into their deep thought's to crash all world system like this one stranger do with themselves .

the world crashed in days