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The name of case

The woman covers black

The strangers comes abroad once to take meal , but one ones days are clearing from shine because the one man walking through these places and get one coin from each that comes forward on his walk .

The man , whom understood that his walking coming over to his home aren't being finish and into woods had no one , no snakes , no field rats near , come to get ones sticks from forest to get warm in the cold night by bonfire . Time later , once he get sleep , the noise of woods leaves wakes him , near him sit woman was very darknest , dark night deep into woods may covers some strange by this , its thought's been abnormal with anorexia caused by long way his goes . Next minute when his thrown another stick to bonfire , lay back - he seeing that woman goes deep to woods by trail .

Morning time where he wake up , remembering that some time ago he seeing this night , follow his head in direction where woman goes out , he understand that this trail not able to seen last evening .

After that he goes walk on trail , thirteen minutes later , following the trails and goes left one wood by one back , he stopped at the end of trail . The black wood with strange smells covers all around been very long height , the black ravens seeing him blow into strange vizualization into sky which covers by clouds very fast than he understood that comes rain . Behind the wood he recognize cementry with couple places of graves not deep into the soil . The counts being no more than thirteen .

After that rain comes , the silence covers all forest , the ravens sit cyrcle over the black wood and this man was sitting under him .

The coldest and sleepest the deep dreams opens to him . Here is no any scare felt he caught , no badly retrospective over his dreams his watching . The sunshine and the pleasure . The meal , the trail and the home being into . Tea . The beloved ones of . Dream .

Some strange noise awake him , trying recognize how time he sleep and what a time of this day , recognizing that is evening and he's sleep over twenty hours . The night comes and forest able to seen as dry . He thought that getting sticks for bonfire is a reason to stand here over this night ends . Walking through forest breaking the sticks with dry knock , he hear some that he's can not understood . Each stick break knock comes with strange noise from one grave on the cementry . Walking near he not seen anything strange . Hour later bonfire is on fire , the night .

The noise of somebody's step near him concentrate him from viewing the bonfire . The some strange woman , he's understood that is that woman whom he seen past night .

The darknest into she's face , the silence . Able to starting dialog , he asks where she's goes this night . The answer being transcrypted from latin language as the man understood talks about that she's home here . Couple words other to asks being standed without answer . Minute later , after trying asks where the nearest town , the woman stands , follow back on the trail and very bit to hearing she's said - " why you walk on my soil " step deep through forest .

The night comes into deep freeze forest with his mentality and physic too . Morning time starts from screwed steps and head fully pain with understanding that death may caught him with no food .

Walking over forest , some think told him that an graves may had some meal as a woman goes aside here everytime , he thought's that an meal as an present to dead may being there .

Walk near and seeing the corner of coffin he do not seen anything about meal , couple minutes later he try to open the coffin , after that some strange dark energy fly over coffin to the sky .

The child with white face looking as alive been in coffin , the gold and the other's things being there , except meal . The man , whom every seasons of rains enough walking to thank peoples for meal abroad , seeing it first time . The felt caught him as warm as pacific ocean at the delirium of south sand .

Getting all gold and couple strange things he's left the place , trails comes him to his home . The home and felt of his productivity as pleasure goes him over to his home stand with him next month's where he sell all gold and own much more details for his home as he can't wishes before .

The year later , the strange feels own him , own his family and his ground . He thinking to walk to this place again , where he getting any this things .

Walkng back to this place , he no one time asking someone for coin , he just getting coins on the ground every thirteen meters , just an thrown them . The felt of his soul been abnormal , the crying , the melancholy . He understand what he's doing ago , and his soul crying . The melancholy own him weeks ago .

Near the forest he found the trail and someones traces too , going wood by wood , leaving them back he's stand minutes later near this black wood , here's no ravens now , just an some strange noise behind the wood . Next step shown him the cause of his soul crying , the two cannibals sitting near coffin eat the child's body . Two another coffins being opened too , the bags of them being fully of meat . The strange felt as he's can understand own him as scare felt with patterns of death felt where he miss any chance to back his soul in a right direction .

The cannibal watching him and trying to said some , but man can't recognize that what he said . Another cannibal had mouth fully of blood has said that they just want to eat and they missed into the forest for weeks .

The rules of religion may reopened here as if you view this you may kill this . But religion of man being corrupt since he steal a gold from this coffin . Two moments later he getting two lasts coins to these two cannibals for leaving the child's body . The cannibals thrown all meal from their bags and walk on trails to quit the forest .

The man stands over the body , which coffin gives him the month's of happiness . Trying to understand what a life with these felt's was given and stealed , he goes aside a forest . Next couple minutes he's goes break sticks from woods , the night comes .

Bonfire is on fire , he sitting over the cementry , some walks over place approaching him . The woman , she's comes to him with noise of crying . Sit near him , talking on latin language she asks him , how the his day goes . - The day goes wrong answered he . The existence is non an just happiness . - She's told .

The man trying recognize what that meant . At this moment the woman walking back to the deep forest . At last word onto she's steps he saying that the coffins robbered by the cannibals . Woman stops on one moment , then walk over forest again .

Next morning , after hours of painful thought's he trying to stand all fallback . He get the gutting child's body and lays him to the coffin , then the others two . Before he dig into soil coffins , he's stands all things which he steal to child coffin , and he's dig them into soil .

The man walks to his home with no meal and coins again , how this happen with him time by time . After all long road to home he's stand near home door and knock , but nobody's open him . Couple moment's later he hear that somebody breath behind the door , he get knock again - and again nobody's opened .

The strange smell own him , the smell of death alike his felt in the forest . This moment his recognized whom it may been . Knock out the door he's was seeing the moments of his life are missed forever . His wife lays down onto floor , his dauther killed . The two cannibals from forest walking by its own traces of coins . Seeing them faces covers blood since moments into forest and his missed life over his family , he's throw the gun onto floor , couple moments later one of cannibal get the gun from floor and open shots to the host of home . The host is shot . Latest moment before death caught him , he thought that all needed to been how it's needed to been . - The lasts words been said is - " why you walk over my ground " . The two cannibals not answered him , then get all things from home and leave the dead bodies .

The door was been opened . The one coin in the corner viewed this all .

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