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The name of case

The Another Demension

Any space ship traveling between stars may been caught by strange types of dark energy in the view of a mirror as they seemed . Is that all goes from deep understanding of universe existence , where the all had their clones , in this definition the dark type of one traveler being caught by its clone . The mirror shows abnormal type in any case of his mentality .

Once when young boy flow his imaginary , they some thought stopped him thinking , walking over its kitchen he goes aside with his thought and try to involve himself into again .

But his though being wet as he understand , alike rain into his imaginary goes with a winter snow at once , the some difference as he see being strange and wonder at one time . The humanity of its feels talk him that is no needed in understanding and one is needed is going out from thinking and drink some coffee . After that once he enough drinking , step behind the door , the strange felt obtain himself - the peoples around him been very strange , some darknest into them cause feel him bad . Their eyes shown some as he can not understood , very likely that is drug using or some like this . Their vessels being too corrupt and walking through streets at any crosswalk the seemed themselves by each one , their eyes too high with their core covered dark , manipulation of tongue being too slow . Any type of thought what with them shown that is may been some drug .

The relaxation

The space ship going to station when some ship shown himself from nowhere , the radar shown nothing before the space travelers seen him . The alarm detection infrom the passangers that the space killers from another demension goes to halt their ship . Two minutes later the passangers feel that their energy of bodies going to corrupt , as they being informed from library is that comes from their aura alike bodies covered onto , the felts of pain , felts of doom obtain their mentality . Then happen first one trigger of , wave of darknest energy flow into ship and death caught any of passangers for next minutes . After that th invaders comes to their food , counting the dead bodies the staying one of them to get their happeness to shown the galaxy law makers that them is alive and their demension is true alike each ones of where them alive . The dead bodies shown all types in review of boy imaginary that walking onto streets . Going road by road seeing them one felt is own himself logic - the fear . All is needed is going very fast to endless road to miss them as a his fear .

The road to the place

Dead bodies on the invaders space ship using mostly as food , the blood is an their cups . The bones as elements of their reality which goes to held them in their demension . Past that boy seen been a gas station market , where the walkers are seen as too angry , after that road into forest going to help him - the rules between them was seeded , and one of them being not walk over the endless roads . The time shown from their reality is non as like us . Caused by two more steps from perimeter is death was kill them from view of our demension . Alike any physic type they had a rules , which told them to seed themselves over that what they see . Time later , when they obtain logic of their demension , their physics change alike types which boy seen . Demension collapse caused by them at end of their time , is that named as invasion alike all planets and stars where they being seeding them . Types not shown by them as atype of humanity , only destruction terror on line of their peak at moment of virus in the blood .

The time ago

Any planet had their core which alike magnet whom involve genome bits when some space ship approaching planet . This happen with planet named earth , where space ship of invaders are being lost their signals comes from their demension , after that happen all what named as core invasion .

Some years later , when these bits of invaders into core of earth being changing themselves as an normal proccess , the bits being opened by couple keys to seed them onto earth alike all of .

There some about 15-th century , when the young boy found some into forest , the form of wood sticks on the ground are being abnormal with strange geometry of them .

When the boy talk over this strange situation to he's parents , they are going to see this by themselves , next moment when the sticks geometry been corrupt by getting one stick by ones of , strange felt obtain all whom see as dark mist flow goes on side of them .

Couple minutes later when all of them out the forest , all inhabitas of them county know about all . All been normal before night come , at this moment the dark mist flows into rooms of these all and then all they see the fully unbeliveable imaginary of inhabitas from another demension .

There is couple aspects covers into one - the all being mirrors from all whom they are seen .

end of part 1

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