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The name of reality - hell

They uses narcotics to kill you

Being adopted I was seen how military services uses rail roads to throw drugs on a places with a horrible cooperation with gangsters. I uses them too, too much than I want. Fiction of situation that our government at years ago trying attempting the citizens for uses the drugs after intervention in Aughanistan. That's all tells that our souls not choice our rights of the soul except the meaning of government. That's a fault?

I do not sure seeing the young peoples who's uses drugs that them wish their-self's choice. They are gut their souls in a question of finding the answers of existence. After being 30th years in Russia I do not knew it all better. We still alive day by day, going step by step. More changing but mind hypnotized and changes comes from abroad.

The real faces of peoples of branch unit is that cover happy smile on your face after you seeing the happiness in the bricks of some drugs. But do we do this logic or it's a intervention to our souls? Do not mind it.

The truth awakes you from deep sleeping process and told you, you had no views of life, you had nothing.

Killing cases of citizens of other's country's is small, yes I told you is that. But one life's of takes you to deep journey into minds of military agencies which creates responsive answer to against yourself as reader.

the story

..Then Osama break the ball in a cave ground - saying leave that his back, he seeing other's in a cave. Then he found something terrible on a one face which gave some terrible thoughts on his mind.

The drips of a hashish intoxication on a face of one talib smells like a ones bricks whose they sell on a Russian's tables on every buildings, Osama smell the death in a one moment of thinking, because the host tells him at birth moment that he found someday a death and that he doesn't needs to follow his fears, cause he appear the heaven in a augani and every muslim know him.

Osama knew about it all what happen next time, but in a badly case of our life's he think that he down the floor the ball nothing good, he want to bring back the ball to the host; He never back in the case after he's seeing the taliban man which fears him. Yes, that he felt fear.

Cause his way of entire to earth being fully of badly things, he's remember that he don't uses a gun to kill, he's thinking that he must uses intellect to own the earth, two years of his life (between startup and death) he thinking that he found the truth at whatever places of, but the real things of four month take he's life to thinking that he's can't find the some answer - the name of the startup of life is where, and indeed, what we had in the past.

Some taliban man tells me story that them friends and about that he's found the answer of being and past. And as simple answer of a past tell the real situation of that all the earth's dynamics and need to know that death between life the root of another life's.

Next time Osama get a shot, but he's soul bring to ball with that creates he at his life. Morality of that tells that one who find the ball, find the Osama's intellect of war.

Did we found it?